Q: How does your 'Renovate now, pay later' service work?

Renosell offers a renovate now, pay later service allowing you to defer the payment of your renovation until the settlement of your property. The total price agreed with you includes all costs, fees and charges for the first 120 days. The total payment is repaid upon settlement, or on day 120 - whichever comes first.


Q: Is there a lot of paperwork to defer payment?

No, the process is a simple, online application takes less than 5 minutes.


Q: How do I know I can trust the workmanship?

With over 30 years of combined experience in project management, construction and real estate, the team at Renosell have an eye for detail and the know-how when it comes to getting the most value out of your property.


Q: How much funds can I borrow?

Generally, you can access up to $500,000*, however, each project will be assessed individually.


Q: What if I do not sell?

If you do not sell your property, you are still required to pay the funds back, however, a suitable payment option will be arranged to meet your current financial situation.


*Applications and Funding approval subject to credit criteria by our finance partner. Renosell requires a valid, signed agency agreement prior to submitting the funding application and terms and conditions may apply.

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